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May 22 2018

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Rebecca Horn, Mechanical Body Fan 

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Moscow, Russia.

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when a meme has had enough

when you’re done hiding the pain

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// Both of the classes kicking scenes and the first Izuku dancing scene are too big to post as gifs on tumblr. If anybody really wants to see em, though, message me, I’ll figure out a way maybe?

I’m so tired, I’m about to pass out, so I hope this post works.

Edit: Half of these gifs aren’t moving, are they. I’m going to bed.

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ok but confused bakugou unable to comprehend people trying to help him was incredibly adorable

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Aggretsuko humanizations!!!! I love this show a lot!!!!

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this is such a good game

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I made these to be double-sided charms… but for now…. blease…. look at my boy….

edit: These are now available here–> https://aiboneida.tictail.com/product/pre-order-greedling-charm


Soulmates are not your ~other half~, that’s just nonsense. You are a whole person already, not half a person. A soulmate isn’t even inherently romantic. A soulmate is just the other sock in a matched set. You’re still a whole, complete sock on your own, you are perfectly functional paired with any other sock, it’s just that it’s even better when you match. A soulmate is literally just the person who makes your soul go “!!! Same hat!!!” and wave excitedly.

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